A Little About Me

Cole Blackburn, a Denham Springs native, is the living definition of self-made. Among other titles such as husband and father, Cole is a business owner and licensed realtor; selfless do-gooder also fits. An active member of Healing Place church in Denham Springs, Cole is the one to call when you need something done quickly and correctly and he unselfishly gives of his very limited free time for the greater good. 

Cole got into real estate at the advice of friend, mentor, and fellow big-dreamer Wyatt Graves. In fact, Cole joined the TGL team because as he put it, “I would follow Wyatt Graves into a burning building.” In other words, Cole admires and trusts Graves on a personal and professional level.  He believes in Graves’ ambition and ability to push well beyond limits to be the very best in business, real estate, and most importantly family life.

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